Infrastructure Architecture

IT architecture & infrastructure services assist our client initiatives to transform and align IT strategy & priorities to meet the objectives of the organization. Many organizations are revisiting their IT environment Total Cost Ownership and approaching with solutions leveraging Cloud based infrastructure and Managed Services.

Enterprise application architecture has also taken a paradigm change towards SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based solutions for addressing the heterogeneous IT application landscape. So better designed infrastructure architecture is much needed to produce the results under SOA. IT architecture should address the following areas

  Flexibility, Reliability & Scalability
  High Availability
  Enterprise Application requirements
  Computing Resources across organization
  Storage & Disaster Recovery

Organizations today with lack of internal expertise or just over loaded small IT teams to design such infrastructure/architecture solutions, we deliver with the right team and best practice solutions.

   Offered Services

  Assessment & Architecture Review
  IT Roadmap Definition & Architecture
  Identity and Access Management
  Disaster Recovery & High-Availability
  SOA Planning & Architecture Design
  Managed Services & Remote Support